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hotfix(4/30/17): Multiplayer now works properly in the browser again.
(If you're having trouble connecting with a friend, try using the same browser.)

Can't play the game on Google Chrome? Click the URL button that says "Secure"(or a padlock icon), click "site settings", and change Flash from "Ask" to "Allow", reload the game page and it should work. (Normally you just click the "you need flash" text box and chrome just asks you if you want to load flash, but itch.io seems to have broken their flash embed for chrome somehow.)

Loosely based on the classic Nintendo arcade "Mario Bros"(aka that battle minigame from Mario 3).

Hit blocks from underneath to flip over enemies that are on top of the block, which they can then be killed by touching them,killing enough enemies starts the next level.

Play as and unlock over 100 playable characters, each with their own abilities.
Face off against a great variety of enemies.
Survive over 20 events that can occur throughout your play session.
Challenge multiple game modes.
Purchase outfits from the in-game shop with the coins you've earned, for your avatar.
Customize your own walfas avatar to play as(multiplayer compatible).
Participate in multiplayer co-op up to 4 players.
All this and more...

Default keyboard controls:
Press up to jump.
Press down to activate your character's ability.
Press enter to open a menu in-game(also pauses game in single player).
Press space to interact with a background object(eg; throw a table).
Press M to toggle mute.
Press - = to adjust sound effect volume.
Press [ ] to adjust music volume.

Touhou and characters belong to ZUN.

Art Assets(Walfas) belong to KirbyM.

The OST can be found here.

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