11/21/17: the game now works on the current versions of browsers again, Firefox is now compatible with the itch.io version.

This is a fangame based on Touhou Project, which is owned by ZUN.

This game is best played on Google Chrome. Opera also works well, but be sure to disable "Mouse Gestures" first(Mouse gestures is unstable on pages that have custom right click drag functions).


WASD = Move
Spacebar = Jump/Air Dash(when in mid-air)
Left Click = Primary Attack
Right Click = Other Attack
M = Toggle Music
Enter = Start/Pause Game
Escape = End Game(Back to the title screen)
[] = Resize radar
0 = Toggle radar
F = Toggle FPS counter
O = Start Multiplayer(This feature is unstable, and very basic)


Get as far as you can without running out of coins or lives.(You'll get a game over if either occurs.)
Taking damage, dying, or letting enemies swarm your donation box will cause your coins to drop, so be careful.

You can unlock more characters by earning Gems by clearing waves, you can spend your Gems in the shop found on the title screen.

This is an experiment with webgl(basicly 3D graphics in webpages) as well as voxels(all the graphics are made from voxels, except the interface).

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