Version 0.4
This is a small Touhou Project fangame that was originally made for Cirno Day 2017(9/9/17), after some updates I decided to put it here as well.

Cirno has found herself in a strange tower filled with ghosts!
Reclaim your stolen energy sealed inside the orbs to extend your time.
Remember the door's location and search for the gold key.
Collect silver keys and unlock chests to improve your capabilities.

Dying drains your time, run too low on time and run out of HP,  game's over.


  • Left/Right=Move
  • Up/Down=Aim/look(Up activates chests/doors)
  • Z=Shoot
  • X=Jump/Mid-air jump
  • A= Place block below you(costs time)
  • M=toggle mute
  • Enter= pause
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsEndless, html5, maze, Roguelike, run-and-gun, Side Scroller, Touhou
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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Super Good. I spent half an hour on it and couldn't beat the second level! :)

I really like this game, but...

1) I don't know, maybe it's just me and my outdated software, but starting from level 5 it lags terribly, and often game becomes totally unplayable.

2) Not enough time orbs. And why can't I have more than 2:30 of time? It's really frustrating, at first level time orbs just go to waste, and on next levels you just run out of time.

3) Why it's dark near the door, but there is more light farther away from the door? If it was the reverse way, it would make sense: there is a source of light near the door, but the farther you get from the door, the darker it gets. Darker means more dangerous (not the danger of enemies, but the danger that you'll not return to the door).

4) What do switches even do?

I like your works, hoke you won't stop making games.

1. The game runs fine for me even when i get to levels 8 and onward.

2. The low number of time orbs is by design, in the game you have to master time saving with quick movements and decisions. Eventually though you're supposed to run out of time no matter how good you are , i did it this way to make each play-through fast yet challenging for all skill levels(at least this is what I've attempted to do), since you can try to just beat your high scores. 

3. The coloring of the background is to make the level more navigable since there aren't many landmarks to orient yourself. Reversing the color order is probably a good idea though.

4. Levers open hidden rooms, if the walls seem out of place somewhere it may be a hidden room, hidden rooms give access to chests(no keys required for hidden room chests), these chests are guaranteed to give power-ups.