Version 0.4
This is a small Touhou Project fangame that was originally made for Cirno Day 2017(9/9/17), after some updates I decided to put it here as well.

Cirno has found herself in a strange tower filled with ghosts!
Reclaim your stolen energy sealed inside the orbs to extend your time.
Remember the door's location and search for the gold key.
Collect silver keys and unlock chests to improve your capabilities.

Dying drains your time, run too low on time and run out of HP,  game's over.


  • Left/Right=Move
  • Up/Down=Aim/look(Up activates chests/doors)
  • Z=Shoot
  • X=Jump/Mid-air jump
  • A= Place block below you(costs time)
  • M=toggle mute
  • Enter= pause

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