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This is a tiny, tiny clever game where you place arrows to redirect Mice(silver haired mouse girl) and Cats(red haired cat girl).

Send mice to your UFO and cats to your opponents UFO. Whoever has the most score by the of the timer gets 1 point, it takes 3 points to be the overall winner.

  • Regular mice = +1 score.
  • Yellow mice = +50 score.
  • Red mice = random event.
  • Cat = -33% of your score.


  • WASD = Place arrow where your mouse is.
  • Enter = Pause game.
  • M = Toggle mute.
  • Escape = Return to title screen.

You can only have 3 arrows at a time and you cant overwrite or delete yours or anyone else's, if you make a 4th arrow your 1st one disappears, arrows also have a time limit that also makes them disappear.

The game does have online multiplayer...BUT, I only really recommend using it if you and your friends have a very good internet connection between you. Also be sure to use the same browser otherwise you wont even see their room appear on your game(flash is weird).

This game is a basic clone of ChuChu Rocket!, but with Nazrin and Rin from Touhou Project.

Release date Mar 25, 2017
Made withOpenFL, FlashDevelop
Tags2D, action-puzzle, chuchu, Fangame, Fast-Paced, nazrin, Pixel Art, rocket, Touhou, ufo
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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